The scene portrayed is actually quite common. It is nothing really extraordinary – two friends embracing. The spectacle is repeated each day in a thousand different ways and contexts. It happens at airports, in driveways, at parties – to mention just a few contexts. In fact the occurrence is so common as often to be overlooked and passed over by the bystander.

But for the ones within the embrace, in whatever setting, there is found a deep joy and communion of heart.

There is a deep tenderness and understanding in this specific encounter between Mary and Elizabeth. It is, I believe, a silent moment. The very foundation of the world has been shaken and these two women know it. In fact, they are at the very epicenter.

The world rushes by – not even noticing these two women in the embrace. What is so special about it? It happens all the time. What the world fails to see and what these two women know is that everything has changed. The world and all its structures has been turned on its head.

A new communion has been established between God and us, and therefore, between me and you.

I have just seen that if one traces the outer edges of the two halos and carries the tracing down to where the arms cross then the image of a heart is drawn.