Luke tells us that immediately after hearing Mary’s greeting, Elizabeth, filled with holy spirit, correctly interprets the movement of joy of the child in her own womb and asks, “How is it that the mother of my Lord comes to me?” (Lk. 1:43) Here in this one short verse is found a rich testament to the insight of faith. Elizabeth gives witness to the lordship of Mary’s child before Mary even has a chance to say a word regarding her own pregnancy.

Elizabeth in this moment is granted insight that she could not have arrived at on her own. (Insight which is similar to that given Peter when Jesus asks his disciples, “And who do you say that I am?”)

The insight is both unmerited and prepared for. God does not force our wills but this does not mean that God will not cooperate with and grant insight and understanding to a will that is well-disposed.

In the fifth verse of his first chapter, Luke tells us that both Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah were of the priestly clan. Further, “both … were upright in the eyes of God and lived blamelessly in accordance with all the laws and commands of the Lord…” (Lk. 1:6)

Elizabeth is a person of faith. She is someone who has chosen to orient her life toward the fixed point of God. Through a lifetime of habit and choices Elizabeth has disposed her will toward God’s revelation. She is prepared to receive when the moment arrives and it arrives with Mary’s greeting.

God will give insight and awareness that the world cannot afford if one is well-disposed and willing to receive. Elizabeth is a witness to the wisdom of the heart that prays.