Hold firmly to one guiding principle: prayer. No one is stronger than the person who prays because the Lord has promised to grant anything to those who pray. When you are united in prayer the Lord is present among you (cf. Mt. 18:20). I recommend this to you with all my heart: in addition to times of communal prayer, withdraw every day for an hour, or even better for two if you can, for personal prayer. I assure you that it will not be wasted time! In my experience over all these years, I have seen confirmed the words of Saint Teresa of Avila: “Whoever does not pray does not need the devil to lead him off the path: he will throw himself into hell.” (Cardinal Van Thuan, Five Loaves and Two Fish)


Where there is prayer there is depth and “thickness” given to life, time and community. Prayer connects the individual to God, who is the font of all life and the true wellspring of all creativity. Prayer frees one from the tyranny of the clock which seeks to reduce all time to measurable segments of productivity. Prayer moves one beyond gatherings of like-minded individuals to true community where oneness of mind, heart and soul can be found.