There is only one thing lacking: “Go home and sell all that belongs to you; give it to the poor, and so the treasure you have shall be in heaven; then come back and follow me” (Mk 10:21). You have to make up your mind once and for all. Our Lord wants volunteers free from other attachments. (Cardinal Van Thuan, Five Loaves and Two Fish)


Before we start carting all of our possessions out front for a yard sale it might be good to reflect on a more immediate interpretation of this passage from Mark’s gospel.

“Go home,” – go within; into the most fundamental part of who you are, the Imago Dei, and here encounter the presence of God speaking to your soul.

“…sell all that belongs to you,” – let go of all your illusions, hurts, prides and prejudices – all the things we cling to because we believe we have to, all the things that block us from the truth of who we are.

“…give it to the poor,” – take all the time, all the energy, all the attention wrapped up in these private illusions and give it away, give it to the poor. Don’t just let it go, do something positive with it – give it away.

“…so the treasure you have shall be in heaven,” – begin to live not by the illusions of the world but by the truth of God’s Kingdom.

“…then come back and follow me,” – Christ wants followers free from all other attachments and the setting free must begin in our very selves.