Have only one important objective: your duty. It is not important if it is large or small, because when you do your duty you are collaborating with the Heavenly Father, who has determined that this is the work that you alone must do to carry out his plan in history (cf. Lk 2:49, Jn 17:4). Many people invent complicated ways of practicing virtue and then they complain how difficult it is, but doing your duty is the most certain and simplest path of virtue you can follow. (Cardinal Van Thuan, Five Loaves and Two Fish)


Cardinal Van Thuan is submitting for our consideration an awareness of the asceticism of the daily. We do not need to be hermits perched on mountain-tops to develop virtue and encounter God; we just need to be attentive to our daily responsibilities and duties. Here and today God is present; I just need to do what I am supposed to do and I will encounter Him. Found in this asceticism is a basic trust in God’s plan.