I call it “not telling the story by telling a story”. It continues to amaze me how so many (it seems) in the secular media approach and “cover” Church events – especially Papal visits. They just don’t get it and I am more and more convinced that often they just do not want to get it … probably because the real story challenges both the “powers that be” and ingrained perceptions. Sidestep journalism and commentary at its finest. So … my advice to those who really want to learn about events in the Church and the message of the Church to our world today: evaluate your sources. Don’t take reports at face value; do the work needed. You will be better off for it.

Here is a little thought experiment. View the video below. Is it the whole story about the recent papal visit? No. Were there other aspects? Yes. Were there protests? Yes. Are there issues that need to be addressed – and are being addressed – in the life of the Church? Yes, certainly. But view the video below critically – what is happening, what is being said, how many people are there, notice their actions and reactions. Now, consider how generally the papal visit has been covered (if at all) in the media – both print and video. Would you say that what is seen and heard in this clip found expression in the general media coverage? Or does there seem to be a disconnect? And if there is a disconnect, why?