Jesus, Join My Life to Yours

I want to unite my life to your life,
my thoughts to your thoughts,
my affections to your affections,
my heart to your heart,
my works to your works,
my whole self to your self,
in order to become through this union
more holy and more pleasing in the sight of your Father
and in order to make my life
more worthy of your grace
and of the reward of eternity. 

I want to join your intentions to my intentions,
the holiness of your actions to mine
and the excellence of your lofty virtues
to the lowliness of mine.

For example, when I pray,
I will join the holiness of your prayer to mine;
in the totality of my life as well as in its every detail,
I will join the whole breadth and height
     of your divine intentions
to whatever I have to do or to suffer.
I will join, if possible, your looks to my eyes,
your holy words to my tongue,
your meekness to my gentleness,
your humiliations and self-emptying to my humility,
in a word, your whole divine spirit to my actions:
and when, in some one of my works,
I discover something not inspired by your spirit
and which proceeds rather from my self-centeredness
or from some poorly mortified affection,
I will renounce it and disown it with my whole heart.
No, my Jesus, I promise myself to have nothing in me
     which is not in union with your lofty virtues. 
                                           (Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ)