I started cleaning and organizing my office the other day which is always a sign that something is coming…

I have felt a desire as of late to write another icon but I have not been able to decide on a subject.  But recently it has come into my prayer and heart to write an icon of St. Teresa of Avila.

St. Teresa has always been one of my favorite saints – she was a contemplative, a pragmatic and someone not to be crossed lightly all rolled up into one.

During seminary I read through a good bit of her writings and received much spiritual nourishment.  Maybe its time I pick up some of her writings again…  Maybe eighteen years of priesthood will give me a different perspective.

I have cobbled together an icon to write.  In the center stands St. Teresa, in her left hand she holds an open book representing her writing.  (I have not yet decided on a quote.)  Her right hands points to the Holy Spirit  over her left shoulder.  While researching the icon I noticed that in many portrayals of the saint the Holy Spirit is often pictured.  On the right of the saint in the background stands a representation of the Interior Castle (in reference to her writing on mystical prayer).

I have placed St. Teresa on a bank below which will be a stream.  One summer day back when I was a seminarian reading St. Teresa’s writings I took an afternoon nap and in a dream I found myself on one side of a stream and on the other side stood a beautiful and dignified woman in a religious habit.  She smiled at me.  To this day I think it was St. Teresa so I have decided to add the stream to this icon.

I do not think that this is an icon that I will give away.

I will post pictures and commentary as the icon progresses…