Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan

“Your responsibilities indicate the will of God for you at the present moment.”

“The worker will become a saint in the workplace, the soldier will become a saint in the army, the patient will become a saint in the hospital, the student will become a saint through studies, the farmer will become a saint on the farm, the priest will become a saint through his ministry as a priest, and the public servant will become a saint in the government office.  Every step on the road to holiness is a step of sacrifice in the performance of one’s mission in life.”  (Quotes taken from The Road of Hope by Cardinal Francis XavierNguyen Van Thuan)

I have not written much on my blog these past couple of weeks because the responsibilities of my ministry at the Catholic Center with the start up of another year and Vocation work as well as my responsibility of caring for my ailing mother (who had a recent setback but now is in a rehab facility working to get her strength back and possibly return home) have been forefront for me. 
Before all this happened I began re-reading Cardinal Van Thuan’s book The Road of Hope.  His words have been a source of hope and strength for me.  
God’s will for us is indeed found in our responsibilities of the present moment.