I am currently reading and reflecting upon Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade’s spiritual treatise,  Abandonment to Divine Providence.  In it I have found one of the most beautiful and succinct summations of the action of faith in our lives that I have ever read.  Below is the text.

If we never ceased to live the life of faith, our intercourse with God would never be interrupted and we should talk with him face to face.  When we speak it is the air which transmits our thoughts and our words, and so all our actions and our sufferings would be the medium through which we heard the expression of God’s will.  They would, as it were, give his Word substance and visible expression, and all that happened to us would be seen as holy and most excellent.  God in his glory will give us this union in heaven; here on earth we can enjoy it by faith.  The only difference is the way it is given to us.  

It is faith which interprets God for us.  Without its light we should not even know that God was speaking, but would hear only the confused, meaningless babble of creatures.  As Moses saw the flame of fire in the bush and heard the voice of God coming from it, so faith will enable us to understand his hidden signs, so that amidst all the apparent clutter and disorder we shall see all the loveliness and perfection of divine wisdom.  Faith transforms the earth into paradise.  By it our hearts are raised with the joy of our nearness to heaven.  Every moment reveals God to us.  Faith is our light in this life.  By it we know the truth without seeing it, we are put in touch with what we cannot feel, recognize what we cannot see, and view the world stripped of all it superficialities.  Faith unlocks God’s treasury.  It is the key to all the vastness of his wisdom.  The hollowness of all created things is disclosed by faith, and it is by faith that God makes his presence plain everywhere.  Faith tears aside the veil so that we can see the everlasting truth.