On Thursday, October 27th leaders of the world’s religions will gather at the invitation of Pope Benedict XVI in Assisi, Italy to reflect on and dialogue about peace.  The gathering marks the 25th anniversary of the original gathering which was the vision of Blessed John Paul II. 

Below is a link to a video clip of an interview with Cardinal Roger Etchegaray who was instrumental in planning the original gathering.

His observation that true dialogue consists in being more than cordial and polite when meeting a person of another faith is worthy of reflection.  Dialogue demands more than just a naive “coexist” philosophy. 

Also, his warning of the effect of what might happen if Christianity were to disappear from the world scene is an important point to ponder.  Christianity proclaims that “God is love” and that mercy and forgiveness are possible.  If that were to disappear where would we be left?  We need to think twice about the “brave new worlds” we often want to create.     

Here is the link for the video clip with Cardinal Etchegaray:  “http://www.youtube.com/embed/ej3GGZvJXvI”