Easter Sunday Mass at Cabrini Nursing Home in Manhattan, NY.

Hello everyone. 

Sorry that I have not been posting lately.  I have been on the road quite a bit between campus ministry work, vocation ministry and the Community of Sant’Egidio. 

I have just finished celebrating the Triduum and Easter with the the U.S. Community of Sant’Egidio at Mount Manresa Retreat Center on Staten Island, NY.  (Being at the ETSU Newman Center allows me to be present to the community in this regard.  The majority of the ETSU community head home for Easter so I can be present to the Sant’Egidio community.)  It means a lot that the Sant’Egidio community has a priest to celebrate these days with them who understands the spirituality and charism of the community.  It also means a lot to me and continues to nourish and strengthen my own discipleship. 

This year, after the Triduum celebrations those who were able journeyed to Cabrini Nursing Home in Manhattan for the Easter Sunday Mass.  The New York community has been serving and praying at Cabrini for twenty years and this was the first year that Easter Sunday Mass was able to be celebrated at Cabrini.  Sadly, it will also be the last as it was just announced that Cabrini has been sold to make room for condominiums.  All the residents (some two hundred and sixty persons) are being dispersed to different nursing homes.  We pray for all our friends at Cabrini and the New York community will continue to do what it can to stay in touch with our friends at Cabrini.  (I have attached a photo from the Easter Sunday Mass.)

Even in the sadness of Cabrini closing we know that Christ is risen and that Christ is Lord and we give thanks for all the resurrections experienced at Cabrini over the years!